• Question: what influenced you to study how HIV lives in our body and causes cancer?

    Asked by to Ramya on 22 Jun 2014. This question was also asked by .
    • Photo: Ramya Bhatia

      Ramya Bhatia answered on 22 Jun 2014:

      Hi Slinnh

      I think you mean HPV. firstly, my grandma who had this cancer. Secondly this is the first virus that causes cancers and one of the few cancers where we know a definite cause. Most other cancers dont have any reason to start. so by studying how HPV causes cancer, we can extend it to understand how other cancers are caused. So this is a perfect example to be studying.

      Also, this is the first cancer against which we have a vaccine. So i was very fascinated by it. I also want to see someday that we can say it is the first cancer that we have eradicated!