• Question: Are there more diseases that affect animals than plants?

    Asked by to Bethany, Hannah, Keith, Peter, Ramya on 24 Jun 2014. This question was also asked by .
    • Photo: Peter Elliott

      Peter Elliott answered on 24 Jun 2014:

      I am afraid I dont know the answer to that one and looking around for the answer I was also unable to find anything out.
      However as there are more animals on the earth (thanks to the huge abundance of invertebrates such as insects) than plants, my educated guess would be that there are more diseases affecting animals than plants.

    • Photo: Hannah Tanner

      Hannah Tanner answered on 25 Jun 2014:

      No -one has ever counted all the animals and plants yet let alone their diseases so we don’t really know. I think Peter’s educated guess is sensible though.