Longitude Prize: How should £10,000,000 be spent?

The Longitude Prize is a challenge with a £10 million prize to help fund one of the biggest scientific issues facing us today. But first, we need to decide what that issue is, and you get to vote!

Do you want to join the debate on the biggest science prize for the last 300 years?

Until Wednesday June 25th you can quiz our champions to help decide which Longitude Prize challenge to vote for, before the winning challenge is announced on the BBC’s One Show.

Students, to ask questions in the Longitude Zone click here.

Your family and friends can also join in the debate by logging in through their social media accounts at longitude.imascientist.org.uk.

Thanks to NESTA, the innovators of the Longitude Prize, for their support.

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3 Responses to Longitude Prize: How should £10,000,000 be spent?

  1. buhnscrivnuh says:

    What is Dark energy, or Dark matter made up of, or even a unit or a way to measure this?

  2. pencilcase says:

    on cellular cancer research on the brain and hopefully make a large step in the direction that comes close to finding a cure.

  3. terry123 says:

    Space Exploration- Although £10,000,000 isn’t that much money for the future of space exploration, I believe that it is the most important aspect of the progression of science, as there is so much out that we can discover and that we don’t know about.

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